Aero Fluid Products is an aerospace design and manufacturing company formed in 1947 as Great Lakes Manufacturing Co. We specialize in the design, development and production of hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid control valves, pumps and control assemblies for aerospace, ordinance, marine, nuclear and precision commercial applications. Since that time, Aero Fluid Products has been operated as DeLaval, IMO and in 1993 as AeroControlex Group. In February 2005, Aero Fluid Products acquired Fluid Regulators Corporation and 2006 the acquisition of Sweeney Engineering was made complementing our existing product offering with proprietary products used primarily in fuel, environmental control, and de-icing applications. In the short time since, ACX acquired the product line of highly engineered fuel and pneumatic valves and surge suppressors from Woodward Governor Company, recently acquired from HR Textron, Inc. and the Actuation Business of Telair International Inc., a business that designs and manufactures highly engineered electro-mechanical actuators for wing flaps and slats, landing gears, military jet canopies, and other aircraft components such as gearboxes, cargo brake rollers, cargo fasteners, winches, and fuel valves forming one group with a new approach to business designed to provide you with a higher level of customer service not readily available in the aerospace market.

Aero Fluid Products is a division of AeroControlex Group and is a subsidiary of TransDigm Group Inc. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. TransDigm Group Inc. Is a large publicly traded aerospace company that also owns a number of other related Aerospace businesses.

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