Our Legacy

Formed in 1947 as Great Lakes Manufacturing Co., Aero Fluid Products has grown to become a global leader in the international aerospace market. Its unmatched capabilities include the design, development, and production of hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid control valves, actuators, and control assemblies for aerospace, ordnance, marine, nuclear, and precision commercial applications.

Before operating as Aero Fluid Products, the company did business as DeLaval, IMO, and in 1993 as AeroControlex Group. 

Driving its many decades of growth are the strategic acquisitions of companies whose capacities have allowed Aero Fluid Products to provide the international aerospace market with an unmatched level of product categories and customer service.  

Aero Fluid Products can provide the international aerospace market with an unmatched level of product categories and customer service.

Acquisitions Timeline



    AeroControlex CAGE: 81833

    Fuel Valves, Hydraulic Valves, Specialty Valves

    (AFP separated from AeroControlex Group in 2007)



    Fluid Regulators CAGE: 98939

    Hydraulic Components



    Sweeney Engineering CAGE: 96736

    Air Valves



    Woodward/HR Textron CAGE: 96124

    Fuel Valves, Pneumatic Valves



    Telair Actuation CAGE: 98889

    Actuation Components, Hardware



    Dukes Aerospace CAGE: 09445

    High Temp Air Valves, Actuation


Looking Ahead

Aero Fluid Products will continue to focus our efforts on maintaining industry leadership in innovative design and patented technologies for the aerospace industry.

Through our ongoing commitment to the processes of detailed analysis and extensive testing, we will create products of a quality that will enhance system performance, maximize equipment utilization, and add value to customer operations.

As we have since our founding, this company will engage in a collaborative process with our customers to design and manufacture products that provide expertly engineered product solutions.


Core Values

The values we embrace define our character as a company. These are the standards by which we conduct our business and make decisions.  

  •  Integrity
  •  Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Personal accountability
  • Customer service
  • Respect for the individual

Corporate Structure

Aero Fluid Products, located in Painesville, Ohio, is part of the Transdigm, Inc. family of companies. Each division is a leader in their respective market, offering unique and specialized engineered products to the aerospace industry.